July 07, 2007

Graduation 2007

John's GraduationAlec's GraduationThe end of the school year this year brought two graduations for us, Alec graduated from middle school and John graduated from high school. Alec's graduation was on Wednesday afternoon and took place on the lawn of his school under a tent. It was a nice ceremony and a sunny warm day, so we were happy for the tent. There is really not much to say about a graduation other than someone handed him an envelope and he accepted it. John's graduation took place the following evening and was somewhat more exciting due to the weather. A thunderstorm rolled through about the time that the ceremony was to start, delaying it by about 30 minutes or so. The ceremony took place out on the football field of his school and we sat in the wet bleachers. Unfortunately I failed to get decent pictures of either of them receiving their diplomas but managed to get John to stand still long enough to get a picture with his mother afterwards. As for what the future holds, who knows. This summer Alec will be going away to summer camp for the first time and John will be getting a job to finance his freedom before he joins the marines in the fall.

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