February 21, 2005

The Gates

The GatesOn Friday Barb and I went to Central Park to see The Gates, an art exibit consisting of 7500 gateways lining the paths of the park. While I'm not sure that this is high art, it was impressive to see if simply for the scope of the project alone. The gates adorn pretty much every major pathway in the park covering something like 23 miles. The choice of orange fabric and the time of mid February to do it was also an excellent idea as everywhere you look you can see them through the trees. Anyway we had a nice day, we spent the first part wandering the park (which really is one of the nicest places I know of) until we found our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since Goldman Sachs donates a significant amount to the museum, we are able to go any time we want for free, so we decided to drop in and see the Tiffany window collection. I was really blown away by the Frank Lloyd Wright room as well and have been inspired to do a set of similar windows for our living room. We ended the day with lunch in Soho.

Christmas in BaysvilleIt's been a while since Christmas but I finally got my photos sorted out. We had a very busy/hectic holiday this year, lots of driving and lots of visiting. We started out by driving to Toronto, spending the night in Oakville and visited Mark and Amanda. The next day we all tried to see some close friends and then had Christmas eve with Barb's family as Scott and Jose's. After that we went up to Baysville to stay with Mom and Dad and play in the snow. There was definitely lots of that this year. While we were there, we had a really nice visit with Carol and George Cristodouloou at their cottage on Penn Lake near Huntsville. Finally we went to Ottawa and stayed the night with Tim and Carolyn Leslie in Arnprior. While we were there, we did some skating on the canal, saw the parliament buildings and got treated to a hockey game at the Corel Centre where we got to sit in the CEO's box. All in all it was a great holiday and was really nice seeing everyone again. The only downside was the driving, we went over 2000 miles in just over a week. Next year we are staying here and anyone that wants to see us is welcome to drop by.

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