November 04, 2004


I've been taking a few pictures lately, here are some links to my new galleries. Clicking on the images will take you to a photo gallery with more pictures. The galleries are password protected but most of our friends know the password. If anyone else wants access just drop me an email at 'webmaster' at this site.

The Eclipse The eclipse of the moon on October 27th was really spectacular, probably the best I've ever seen. It was a clear warm night and we stood out with our next door neighbours watching most of the first half of it. I took a bunch of pictures as it progressed to being fully obscured. It really did turn an amazing shade of orange which made it look like a Halloween pumpkin.

Leaves It has been a really beautiful fall here, the leaves have been spectacular and it has also been fairly grey and cloudy which seems to make the leaves glow. I wandered over to the Watchung Reservation, which is a park near our house, and took some pictures of Lake Surprise.

Balloon With all the hype about the American election we saw an interesting thing at work one day. A hot air balloon with "Kerry/Edwards" on it came floating up the Hudson river. When we first saw it, every one thought it was pretty cool as it was right out our window and almost on the same level as our floor. But as we watched it kept floating lower and lower until it was less than 10 feet from the water. Everyone in my office was sure that the guy was going to splash down in the river. He never did and eventually floated up past Chelsea Pier before people lost interest. I guess it was just a publicity stunt, who ever was flying the thing must have really known what they were doing. It's too bad it didn't work and the Americans re-elected the moron for another 4 years.

Mini Finally it looks like i've got the opportunity to pickup an almost new Mini Cooper. I had one of the originals in the early 80's, I think it was a 1971 Austin Mini and I paid about $300 for it, drove it around for a few weeks and I think ultimately my brother Tim traded it for a motorcycle. While the new ones may resemble the old ones, they certainly are a world apart in luxury and quality.

This fall and winter should be pretty busy around here as we are about to start redoing the outside of our house. The roof gets done next week and then new siding and windows in January. When it's all done it should look pretty nice, until then things are a little ripped up around here as I've been hiding cables and redoing the outside lights. I've even gone so far as to redo all the lightning rods on the roof.

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