October 17, 2004

Fall 2004

Philadelphia It's fall in New Jersey, we just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad, they made what is becoming an annual trip down to visit us. As always I had to line up a bunch of projects to keep Dad busy while he's here. This year it was replacing a large rotting door on the Garden room, replacing the door in our shower and some other plumbing. All of the projects turned out really well and we are pretty happy with the results. Since we don't really have any body we can leave the kids with Barb and I were grateful that my parents agreed to look after them while we snuck away for a couple of days in Philadelphia which is only about 2 hours away. On the way there we stopped in Doylestown PA, the home of James Michener, Pearl S. Buck and a cool guy called Henry Mercer. While we were there we visited a really interesting house called Fonthill that was built by Mercer who was a local producer of tile. This house is made entirely of poured concrete with various tiles embedded in the walls. It is really quite a creation and is worth seeing. While in Philadelphia we walked around the city and took in most of the tourist sites. Not being Americans most of the history of the place was lost on us, but it is a nice place none the less. Back in New Jersey things are pretty quiet. We are however planning on re-siding our house and re-doing the roof so we are pretty busy preparing for that. Being cheap and a do-it-yourselfer, every time I get a quote on something from the local contractors I freak and do it myself. Needless to say it is going to be pretty busy around here in the chore department for the next couple of months. Otherwise things are quiet in NJ. We don't have much else going on this fall but hope to head back to the old country for Christmas to see Mom and Dad and do some skiing at Sir Sam's.
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