May 31, 2004

Huntsville High School Reunion

Last weekend was the Huntsville High School reunion. This was something that I've been looking forward to for quite a while and it lived up to my highest hopes. Most of my good friends from High School went on to be my friends from University but unfortunately I fell out of touch with them after we graduated and family and careers started to happen. I was really hoping that the reunion would be a chance to see them again and it was. Everyone was a little older but it's amazing to see that years, kids and jobs really don't change people. While the reunion was very well organized, probably the best times were had at the off site get togethers at Roberta's and Colleen's. Barb and I were very lucky to have friends that loaned us a great condo at Granview and a truely amazing automobile for which we are really grateful as both added to the fun of the weekend. I'm not sure if Barb agrees with me, but there really is nothing like a King Ferdie late at night after a party!
Posted by smartin at 07:36 PM