March 09, 2004

Skiing at Camelback

Skiing at CamelbackOne thing that I constantly feel guilty about is the fact that I haven't spent much time trying to teach the kids to ski. We went to Hidden Valley at Christmas a couple of years ago and I think that John was the only one that had fun. Since then I usually use the excuse that there isn't enough snow. This year I promised myself that I would get them out at least once and last week we did it. We went to Camelback in the Poconos and had a fantastic time. It was a beautiful day, between 40 and 50F and sunny. John boarded and Alec and I skied. John did really well a boarding and Alec took to the skis in no time.

It turns out that what I expected to be a long trip and a big hassle was easy and painless. The drive is just over an hr and renting gear was quick and easy. Next year we will definitely be going more than once.

Posted by smartin at 07:42 PM