November 11, 2003

Canadian Thanksgiving

A couple of weeks ago was Canadian Thanksgiving which we still celebrate even though it means eating turkey 3 months in a row. Mom and Dad came down to visit for about a week and we did some touring around New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Duke FarmsThe first place we went to was Duke Farms which i've previously mentioned here. It is a very large green house located on a huge estate near Somerville NJ. The green house is made of many small rooms each designed to exibit plants from different parts of the world and displayed in a traditional garden setting of the area. It is really nice and well worth the visit. Click the picture to see a photo album of the visit.
New Hope For our second outing we went to New Hope Pennsylvania, which is a nice little shopping town on the Delaware river just across the border from New Jersey. We had a great breakfast in Frenchtown on the way there and then spent the afternoon wandering around. Unfortunately we when on a Tuesday and most of the little towns and places along the way are closed during the first few days of the week. It didn't matter though as the drive down along the Delaware is worth the trip.
Wood Rack Finally no visit from Dad can be complete with out chores and projects to keep him busy while he is here. This time we built some wood racks. Each rack holds 1 face cord of wood. This should be enough to keep us warm this winter. Posted by smartin at November 11, 2003 08:29 PM