September 02, 2003

My New Telephone

Alec and Alex at Camelbeach Barb and I like antiques. I particularly like old things that have style and are still useful (I guess that's why I like Barb :)). I have a couple of late model rotary telephones that are ok but are made of plastic and are lacking the class of the really old ones. Last weekend we happend to be in an antique shop and found an old Western Electric model 302 telephone. As far as I can tell they started to make these in 1937 and mine seems to be an early one due to it's older E1 handset and cloth cords. This was the first phone to be a complete unit containing it's own ringer. I brought it home, put a modern plug on it, plugged it in and it works perfectly. Now that i've started though it's hard to stop and i'm now looking for the older model 202. Posted by smartin at September 2, 2003 07:39 PM