Recipe #35 Salsa Alpha Category: Preserve
A couple of years ago we decided to take our standard salsa recipe and jazz it up a bit. The Chipotle peppers give it a good smokey flavour. This makes about 8 500ml jars.
12CupPlum TomatoesCrushed through a tomato sauce grinder. (This is 12 cups of sauce after grinding)
15OuncesBlack BeansOne 15 oz. can drained.
1CupRoasted Red PepperUse fresh peppers roasted on the bbq and then chopped up.
2CanTomato Paste6 oz cans.
1.5CupRoasted Corn On The CobPeel the husks off the corn and roast them on the bbq until some of the kernels are starting to burn slightly. Scrape the corn off the cobs and use 1 1/2 cups of them.
4TbspGarlic CloveChopped finely.
3TbspJalapeno PeppersChopped fine. For hotter salsa use a hotter pepper or more of it.
0.5CupGreen PepperChopped.
0.5CupRed PepperChopped.
2CupWhite Vinegar
2TbspPickling Salt
1TbspGround Chipotle Powder
8MediumChipotle PeppersUse these whole and when you can the salsa, try to get one in each bottle.
6TbspFresh CilantroFinely chopped.
1. Combine all ingredients except the cilantro in a large pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, stirring often for about an hour until it starts to thicken.
2. Add cilantro and cook for another 1/2 hr or so until it has a good consistancy.
3. Transfer to mason jars and hot process for 10 minutes.